'Pretty Little Liars' Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: Still No Answers in Wilden Murder

In an episode perhaps not that appropriate for the average ABC Family viewers, fans of "Pretty Little Liars" had their curiosities piqued with cliffhangers and mysteries.

The third episode, titled "Cat's Cradle," did not provide many answers, as viewers still do not know who killed Detective Wilden, played by Bryce Johnson. In fact, it appears that the suspect list has not even been shortened.

Hanna, played by Ashley Benson, gets an opportunity to glance at the police department's list of suspects, which also affords the audience a glance as well. However, it's none too informative. The list is extremely long, and has every single on of the "Liars" on it. It seems to soon to narrow down predictions as to who committed the murder of Detective Wilden.

While that mystery was not solved, new suspense was created in regards to Emily, played by Shay Mitchell, and her family life. An anonymous source reported Emily's parents to Family Services and there is a threat that she will be removed from her home. Where Emily would go, or even if she really will be removed by Family Services, is yet to be seen.

Detective Linda Tanner, played by Roma Maffia, made her debut on the show last night, according to HollywoodLife.com. Maffia is a seasoned actress who has worked in both television and film. She is perhaps most well known for her work on "Grey's Anatomy" and "Nip/Tuck."

Will the addition of another detective help solve the Wilden mystery any sooner? Fans certainly hope so.