Price is Right and Male Models: 'A Bad Business Decision'?

The "Price is Right" game show is now accepting applications for models, but this time it will be males only.

The original "Price is Right" game show aired on NBC from 1956 to 1965 with host Bill Cullen. It was then re-introduced in 1972 and hosted from then until 2007 by Bob Barker with other versions of the show and different hosts occurring in between. After Barker's reign, however, the show saw a major switch-up when it debuted Drew Carey as the new host.

The numerous models on the show who are responsible for introducing the prizes in the game have been, historically, nearly all female. But in a new spin, the show producers are now seeking one man who will become one of the first male models on the show.

The male model casting call for the show is the first in its history according to The male model will join Amber Lancaster and Rachel Reynolds, helping them to display the prizes on the show.

The casting call competition will begin on Aug. 30 with six finalists being chosen by Sept. 28. A web series will form a makeshift "American Idol" styled contest in which the candidates will audition process will be debuted online. The competition will end with viewers being allowed to decide who the winner will be. The winner will earn a 1-week spot as a male model on the show.

While some said it was about time they a male model was included as part of the cast, others said it would ruin the show and its ratings.

"Well, it had a good run. Can't imagine how much its ratings will plummet now with male models showing off cars, bedroom sets, and other luxuries. It's been fun, Drew," TrollingtonB wrote on the CNN blog.

"They'll lose a market share with a male model. I think it's a bad business decision," CestMoi2000 added.