Prince Harry Focuses on Army Career, May Return to Afghanistan

Prince Harry has decided to focus on his army career and has split from recent girlfriend, lingerie and swimwear model, Florence Brudenell-Bruce.

The short-lived relationship, which began in June, was ended because Harry is busy pursuing other interests.

“Harry has a lot on his mind at the moment. He is concentrating on his Apache helicopter training. After that, he’s expecting to return to Afghanistan,” an inside source told the Daily Mirror.

The Prince served in the Helmand Province with the Household Cavalry in 2008, but after 10 weeks his tour was cut short when an Australian magazine disclosed his whereabouts.

Harry is likely to deploy again next year after completing his Apache pilot training. He says his family is concerned like any other family would be, but his grandmother “understands more than anybody else” the calling to serve one’s country.

The Prince finished the first stage of Apache helicopter training in April when he was promoted to Captain. Harry will complete the second half of the lessons at the end of this year.

Prince Harry told BBC’s defense correspondent, Frank Gardner that he did not have many options when deciding to become a pilot.

He said, “When I came back last time [from Afghanistan], obviously it was because of the media. I wanted to go back…and I was told, ‘From the media’s point of view you’ve done that job, we will not keep this secret quiet unless you do something different.’”

Harry told BBC that the former head of the British Army General Dannatt proposed the possibility of helicopters and “it was an opportunity that I just couldn’t throw away, no matter what.”

Prince Harry’s father was a helicopter pilot and he hopes that it will run in the family.