Princes William and Harry Participate in Auction for Charity

Princes William and Harry took on new identities for charity and participated in brokering multi-billion pound deals at BGC Partners in London's financial district. The two held a bit of a competition to see who could raise more funds for his charity, but everyone was a winner at the end of the day.

The two came together to help raise funds for WellChild and SkillForce, and the event is held annually in honor of the 658 employees who died in the Sept. 11 attacks. All profits benefit the charities and the employees work hard to raise the funds for charities; this year the princes chose WellChild and SkillForce to receive the benefits.

"He's on the phone; it's all baby chat," Harry joked to a broker nearby, obviously giving his brother a hard time about being a new dad. "I'm much better at helicopter chat," he then explained.

Harry then went a step further and told his brother to, "stop flirting and get on with it." Of course, that sent those around them into peals of laughter, knowing how happy William is in his marriage to Duchess Catherine.

"It was interesting listening to them both to see who was more confident," broker Nick Thompson told the Daily Mail. "Harry took to it very well."

It could be that Harry's leadership and confidence stems from his responsibility in the Army, where he is often on the front lines. Harry actually outranks William in the military and has seen more active-duty combat than William, who works as a Search and Rescue pilot for the Royal Air Force.

William had to field questions about his new son as well, possibly making it more difficult to get to the heart of the sale.

"He's very well, thanks," William told one caller about son George. "He's sleeping quite well."

At the end of the day, Harry left with a teddy bear for his nephew and two charities received millions of dollars to keep on doing their good work.