Princess Diana Secret Photographs Unveiled, Worth Thousands

Previously unveiled photographs of the late Princess Diana recently resurfaced on the "Antiques Roadshow" television show in the U.K.

A former assistant to society photographer Lord Snowdon produced the photographs while at the "Antique Roadshow," catching many by surprise.

Even 15 years after Princess Diana's death, many are still extremely interested in the life that she led. The photographs are special to some because they apparently reveal how casual the Princess could be.

"It really is fantastic. It's an odd one, because the boys are dressed in sort of country casuals and don't have any shoes on, and their nanny has not given them any socks as far as I can see. But the Princess of Wales is dressed up to kill," Clive Farahar, the show expert who valued the photographs, told the Daily Telegraph.

Evelyn, the assistant who would not release her full name, also shared the story behind how the photograph came to be.

"This was at the end of the sitting. The boys were still dressed. They had gone off to have their supper and Mummy was carrying on with the photographic sitting, and the boys rushed in to see what she was doing," she relayed. "So Mum went out of something casual, slipped into something formal and got the boys in. I love the story behind that. It shows how unstuffy she was."

So how much could years-old family photographs be worth? Farahar estimated their value to be around $615 to $770.

Evelyn remarked that the photos had never been released.

"I saw them when we were going through them. So I said, 'Is it possible I could have a copy?' and he actually said, 'Yes,'" the assistant said.

Evelyn also brought along other photos to assess their value. One in particular was also of Princess Diana and depicted her holding baby Harry after his christening. The picture was valued to be worth over $1,200. Another picture of the princess was valued at almost $500.