Pro-Life '180 Movie' Goes Viral, Hits Half-Million Views

A 33-minute pro-life video which documents the responses of young adults to questions about their stance on abortion, but also includes discussions on Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust in Europe, has received more than a half-million views just nine days after its release.

Evangelist Ray Comfort produced “180” with the help of his Living Waters Ministry. He recently revealed that during the making of the film he was sickened by the answers so many young people gave to a hypothetical question he asked them after describing a life and death, Holocaust-like scenario.

On Tuesday, the film had hit the half-million milestone, and by mid-afternoon Wednesday, it had 525,494 views as displayed on the site and tabulated by YouTube.

“There seems to be a fresh stirring going on about the horror of abortion,” Comfort told The Christian Post. “Just today I was told that Rick Warren tweeted, ‘If we were all forced to WATCH 1 baby's abortion, outrage would end them. A ghastly, grisly, inhumane torture not fit for dogs.’

“This isn’t some 30-second ‘Charlie bit my finger’ clip. It’s a 33-minute movie. So to reach more than half a million views on YouTube in 9 days is amazing.”

Last weekend, members of the First Baptist Church of Trenton, Fla., began displaying 4,000 white crosses on the church’s lawn. The crosses represent the number of babies lost to abortion each day in the United States, the church’s pastor said.

Also, on the lawn display next to a busy highway, four white banners on the corners boldly state “4000 Babies Murdered Each Day – Each Cross = One Child Each Day.” On the bottom of the banners the “180” website address is printed: “”

Famed Christian musical artists are also helping push the film to viral status. Steven Camp, the American Dove Award and Grammy Award-nominated music artist, said, “‘180’ is the most profound gospel-advance on the abortion issue I've ever seen.”

Mark Hall of Casting Crowns recently posted on Facebook, “This short documentary has totally rocked my world ...I dare you to watch 180.”

Comfort conducted the interviews seen in the film and while focusing on the responses given by several people with a pro-abortion stance, he then transitions from talk about lives lost in the Holocaust to lives lost as the result of abortions in the United States.

“I would begin an interview by asking the question ‘Have you heard of Adolf Hitler?’ If they said, ‘No,’ I had the difficult task of getting them on camera,” Comfort said. “It was hard to hide my shock that anyone didn’t know who Hitler was, and the moment they suspected that they should know about him they refused because they felt foolish. So there were a number of interviews I missed out on because of that."

“Still, we were able to get 14 people on-camera, mainly university students, who didn’t have a clue who Adolf Hitler was,” Comfort said. “The swing from the Holocaust to abortion was fairly seamless because it came in the form of a question: ’How do you feel about abortion?’”

Making the parallel between the holocaust in Europe to abortion in America, Comfort argues in the film, "We've got a holocaust in America [where] real babies are being murdered because of women's choice and it's legal. It's like Nazi Germany. He did it legally."

A Facebook site set up for the documentary video has more than 16,000 “likes” and is filled with posts about people changing their mind about abortion after viewing the film.

“I was pro-choice but I am pro-life now,” posted one Facebook user. “I still have a knot in my throat!”

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