PS4 Launch Title Bundles Available on Amazon Again

The PS4 is finally back in stock in the Amazon store after they sold out of the system earlier this month.

Selling mostly variations of launch day bundles, Amazon's Twitter account said consoles are "guaranteed on release date."

According to, bundles will be available for the games, Killzone: Shadowfall, Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4, and Knack.

Gamestop has indicated that they have already sold out of the new console.

Best Buy is also offering launch day features as well, and has already sold out of the Xbox One.
Forbes says Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Gamestop still have the console in stock but the "Day One" edition is sold out on Amazon already.

Many online sources have said the PS4 and Xbox One may be the first generation of consoles to now actually have any consoles that have not already been pre-ordered on the shelves.

At the moment, retailers and online followers of the two consoles can only speculate as to when the systems will launch. One thing is certain: both consoles may suffer huge shortages at launch, with many people unable to get their hands on the next-generation systems until 2014

The PS4 may be released a few days before Black Friday in order to attract a large crowd and undercut the Xbox One.

Amazon currently lists the launching date of the console at Dec. 31, but admitted they feel this is just a holding date, according to the International Business Times. Meanwhile, Sony indicates PlayStation 4 will be here for the holidays with no specific date.

IBTimes feels Sony may follow the original plan of the PS3 and go for the Nov. 22 release, allowing for people to gear up for Black Friday.

However, pre-orders for Best Buy show the console at Nov. 30.

The Xbox One has an Amazon release date of Nov. 27, so an earlier launch for the PS4 could prove quite beneficial.

Although the PS4 is winning big on "points" from their impressive display at E3, early pre-orders show the Xbox is not too far behind. Overall, the success of the console lies in the numbers in the long haul. Wii U sold out on launch, but the console will not come anywhere near what Sony and Microsoft will do.