PS4 Release Date Game News: Watch Dogs and DriveClub Dropped From Launch Day

Sony announced this week that two Playstation 4 launch titles, Watch Dogs and DriveClub, are being dropped from release day because they will not be ready in time.

Watch Dogs and DriveClub were originally part of PS4 launch bundles, but will now be kicked back to at least April.

According Mirror, Amazon and Gamestop said gamers will still receive their launch day consoles, but it is unclear whether they will receive money back for the game or just a delayed pick up.

It has been a rough week for Sony as they recently had a cause for concern overseas.

A PS4 console at a European Sony event may have been overheating until an employee quickly took action upon seeing the console's warning signs.

Typically the LED running across the PS4 is blue, but in the picture an event goer snapped, the display was red. This draws memories of the Xbox 360's Red Ring of Death that laid the console useless.

A message on the display next to the Playstation 4 said the console's internal temperature was too high.

According to, a Sony employee went to the box containing the console and unlocked it. Just a few seconds later the light returned to blue and worked as normal. This suggests that the enclosed box with no ventilation was causing the overheating.

So far there has been no indication of the light doing anything else, or any other colors representing different functions.

Microsoft released a statement about the Xbox One that said it would not follow the same path as the Red Rings of the 360. They said it will not overheat, but rather just get slower and louder.

The Playstation 4 is set to release on November 15 in the U.S., and on November 29 in the U.K.