PS4 Sale Shooting: Man Dies Over New Console

The sale of a PlayStation 4 Sunday went horribly wrong as two men who arranged the meeting were part of a shooting resulting in a death. At the time, the new console had been available less than 24 hours.

Emmanuel Johnson was fatally shot on Sunday at the 700 block of West Church Street, according to The Orlando Sentinel. The other man involved with the shooting was hospitalized with gunshot wounds, and his name has not been revealed yet.

The two men were supposed to meet outside of Orlando's police headquarters on 4:30 p.m. according to the police report. It was then that one of the individuals changed to location of the meeting to Church Street. It was at this new location that the shooting occurred, but it is unclear who and if these two were the ones shooting.

However, police do not suspect anyone else was involved with the shooting, and are still unclear about what really happened as they try and fit the crime scene pieces together.

Johnson was only 25 years old, and the other man is 23. This is the first reported death associated with the PlayStation 4.

Arranged meetings for the sale of these new consoles is something that is most likely still happening quite a bit since the release of the PS4. The console sold over a million copies on its first day and is sold out in most retailers and online. Because it is such a hot commodity, people have been tempted to jack up the price when reselling the system.