PS4 vs Xbox One: Controllers of Both Consoles Analyzed

A new video series hit the internet this week that pits the PS4 vs. the Xbox One and analyzes the various features found on each console.

Both of the pads retain many of the great qualities of those found on their predecessors, however, new features have been added to make them fit into the next-generation of gaming.

The review series is being released by The site's commentator Fran Mirabella III had this to say regarding the Xbox One controller.

"The surface and ergonomics feel better [than Xbox 360] and the dual analog sticks come with a sharp interior edge and jagged outer rim that challenges the quickest of thumbs to try and slip off," he said. "The triggers feel better than ever with slick beveled edges and the really cool part; programmable rumble motors, it adds a whole new dimension to gaming."

The PS4 controller is also looked at more extensively and outclasses the PS3's in many ways, according to the site.

"The dualshock 4 eliminates or improves everything that was wrong with the dualshock 3," he said. "The handles are larger and more comfortable to hold. The thumbsticks are concave and the triggers are no longer rounded and hard to grip. It's quickly become one of my favorite controller designs to date."

Mirabella discusses the extra features on the PS4 controller including the touch pad, build-in speaker and light bar found at the top. Readers can watch the full review of both consoles controllers here. also has analyzed other aspects of the PS4 and Xbox One such as hardware, games, software, and online play. Both of these systems launched earlier this year and are currently available through various retailers.