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Publisher Selling 'Indestructible' Bible Claims It Can 'Walk on Water'

Publisher Selling 'Indestructible' Bible Claims It Can 'Walk on Water'

The Forever Bible, which is published by Forever Publishing. | (Photo: The Forever Team)

A publisher is offering a Bible that it claims can withstand much of the damage that comes from elements and time and even "literally walk on water."

Forever Publishing is marketing a "Life Proof" Bible that it claims uses the latest technology to make a Bible that can survive exposure to water, dirt, and other harms from heavy travel.

Jared Casey, founder of Forever Publishing, told The Christian Post that the "Forever Bible" was based off of advances in nanotechnology.

"In brief, the pages of the Forever Bible are made of very tiny synthetic fibers and inorganic materials, that are blended together to make a highly durable (tree-free) paper," said Casey.

"It is 24 times stronger than paper made from trees, while remaining completely recyclable. The binding is patented to endure."

Casey also told CP that great interest in the Forever Bible has already been found in the number of preorders Forever Publishing has received.

"Thus far, we have received pre-orders for over 1,000 Forever Bibles," said Casey, whose company offers other items like journals, wristbands, and pens for sale.

"The Forever Bible became available for pre-order about two weeks ago. Our first orders will reach people in early December, in time for Christmas."

To help sell the product, Forever Publishing has a Kickstarter page, which has as of Thursday afternoon raised over $36,000 and has had over 640 backers.

"The Bible calls us to live fun, energetic, impassioned lives. We are able to print the Bible with technology that allows the Bible to live with us in a new way, within every climate and across every continent," reads the page.

"We invite you to share the Kickstarter experience with us, as all supporters help to make the Forever Bible and the Forever Journal accessible to more people across the globe."

Usage of Kickstarter has come with controversy, as some online commenters have claimed that Casey's company is not using the website properly.

"The Kickstarter is breaking rules, this isn't a new product like the campaign is advertising," claimed an anonymous poster.

"There are a lot of questions about this dubious project that the people running the campaign are refusing to answer."

In April, the website accused Casey and Kenny Crockett of using Kickstarter to scam backers via a T-shirt product under the company Radiate Athletics, which they founded.

Radiate has weathered many complaints about failed orders, to the point where it issued an apology on its Facebook page.

"Please remain patient with us. We know the delays and lack of communication is frustrating. We are doing the best we can," said Radiate in a statement dated July 3.

"We are trying to ship the shirts while rebuilding our infrastructure so we can better accommodate our consumer base. We really do appreciate your support and patience, and we will make it up to all of you."

Forever Publishing is not the only entity to offer a waterproof Bible for the public. Bardin & Marsee publishing also offers a "100 percent waterproof" version of the Good Book.

"All of our products are 100 percent waterproof inside and out. We do this by using 100 percent synthetic materials in producing our products," reads an entry on their website.


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