'Puppy Christmas' Video Gains Pup-ularity On YouTube

A Christmas-inspired video with several puppies has accumulated over 80,000 views after just one day on YouTube.

The video entitled “Puppy Christmas” was posted Sunday by Devin Graham under the YouTube username DevinSupertramp. With music by composer Elton Luz, the video features many different breeds of puppies surrounding a Christmas tree while playing, sleeping, and chewing presents.

On his Twitter account, the creator of “Puppy Christmas” posted, “Anyone else love puppies like I do?” Providing a link, Graham added, “If so, here’s my latest YouTube video featuring lots of puppies!!!”

Puppy-lovers everywhere are embracing the adorable post. Just over two minutes long, “Puppy Christmas” sees the small animals donning ribbons, bows, and bells while unwrapping Christmas presents. The video had already accumulated dozens of comments from YouTube users just hours after it was posted.

“Omg, they are so cuteeee I wish I could had (sic) one,” wrote YouTube user Lo0ying.

Cars2Fan54 commented, “Ha! All the puppies are so adorable! Really cute video and thanks for posting!”

Referencing Dr. Seuss’ famous Christmas tale “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas,” user GrayfinRois posted, “Who ever dislikes this video is a Grinch.”

The video also inspired gift ideas, with user KukumaluJunior15 commenting, “Dear Santa, I don’t want much this year I just want this puppys (sic) please.”

“Puppy Christmas” also ignited responses on Twitter, where users on the social media site gushed over the footage.

“Awwww,” posted Twitter user JaneNation about the video. “Puppy + Christmas… seems like the best Christmas ever if you ask me.”

“I want a puppy this Christmas. Turkey is so overrated,” posted BigBigBen.

Watch “Puppy Christmas” here.