Qatar World Cup 2022 Questions Selling Alcohol

The debate over whether alcohol will be served at matches during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is continuing, with both sides stating that a middle ground needs to be reached.

Hassan al-Thawadi, general secretary of the Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee, did explain that alcohol would be sold during the World Cup, but that he was ''discussing with FIFA the extent of it and where.''

Al-Thawadi did express his desire to host an event where ''everyone will be able to have a great time, have fun and be exposed to Qatari culture'' reported the Associated Press.

Qatar is a nation that is run on conservative Muslim traditions that discourages the consumption of alcohol. There are few places that are allowed to serve it and currently it is banned in stadiums.

''I don't see the reason for it being in the stadium,'' said al-Thawadi, who noted that several nations, including Brazil, don't currently sell it at matches.

''I'm looking at it in terms of England and looking at in terms of everybody else. That is something we are discussing with FIFA ... Let's discuss this with relevant stakeholders and come up with a plan that welcomes everyone,'' al-Thawadi told AP.

Brazil is hosting the 2014 World Cup and is continuing to address many concerns. Current Brazilian law makes it illegal to sell alcohol inside the stadium, but football fans are still able to drink while they watch matches outside the stadium.

The real issue is not whether fans are allowed to consume alcohol it is whether sponsors will be able to provide their products during the tournament.

FIFA has stated that it will look out for the commercial rights of all its sponsors, which include beer makers from around the globe.

Dave Richards, chairman of the Premier League in England said: ''You might be better off saying don't come. But a World Cup without England, Germany, the Dutch, Danes and Scandinavians. It's unthinkable.''