Rachael Ray Show Sued: Overweight Teen Alleges Abusive Training Sessions on Show (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni)Television host Rachael Ray speaks on stage at the 39th Daytime Emmy Awards in Beverly Hills, California June 23, 2012.

The Rachael Ray show is being sued by a teenager who claims she was subjected to verbal abuse during a segment on the show for overweight teens.

Christina Pagliarolo, who went on the show weighing about 260 lbs, has reportedly filed the lawsuit against the show, alleging that she suffered physical and emotional injuries following a "training" session for the show.

The teenager claims that she was yelled at and put through vigorous exercise that was too much for her and ultimately caused her injury, according to celebrity news website TMZ.

The lawsuit alleges "the trainer made her run like Forrest Gump, yelled and screamed at her, and made her hike in the mountains. Worst of all, she says the trainer put her on a StairMaster and kept cranking up the speed until she fell off the machine ... and then he yelled at her for falling," according to TMZ

The Rachael Ray show has commented that it has not yet received any such lawsuit and is unaware of the care, despite the TMZ reports.

However, the show does believe that it has done nothing wrong, and that the reported allegations are unfounded. The show has stated that it will defend itself if the lawsuit goes ahead, and that it believes strongly that it will win any legal case on the matter, according to TMZ.

It is unclear whether the teen signed any kind of contractual terms that would seek to cover the show from any such complaints.

"We haven't received this purported lawsuit but if it does materialize we will defend ourselves against it vigorously and fully expect to prevail," said the "Rachael Ray" show in a statement to TMZ.

The lawsuit reportedly is claiming unspecified damages from the Rachael Ray show.

Here is a video of a segment from a past Rachael Ray show featuring Michelle Obama: