Rachel Zoe Makeup Meltdown: Makeup Tips for Women Over 40 (VIDEO)

Rachel Zoe, a fashion stylist to the stars, suffered from her own fashion catastrophe Sunday night when attending a Golden Globes after party. Some called it a makeup malfunction. There is a trick to applying makeup at every age, suggest many makeup artists.

Critics said Zoe wore too much makeup after photos of her arrival to a Golden Globes after party surfaced. The fashionista was spotted wearing a silvery, sequined dress with silver bangles and a vintage clutch. But it was not her clothes that gathered attention so much as her full face of makeup.

"Rachel not only packed on the bronzer, but she also caked on more eyeliner than her eyelids could handle. Also, why were her lips, skin and teeth the same color?" a Huffington Post writer said of the celebrity stylist.

"Zoe cut a frightening figure thanks to the stern look accentuated with the make-up," a Daily Mail writer added.

It wasn't clear whether or not Zoe, 41, was responsible for applying the makeup herself and given the glamour of the night, the makeup malfunction may not have even been her fault. There are certain problems, however, that women over 40 may face when applying makeup, according to some makeup artists. Here are the major tips, offered across the Internet for those with aging beauty.

First, older women should avoid any bronzer with an orange tint. Orangey bronzers don't reflect light, which could be aging. For lighter skin tones, one expert says on RealBeauty, highlight instead of bronze using illuminating power.

Second, always avoid dark and heavy eye makeup. Dark makeup can also age, especially around the eyes, where the most wrinkles tend to collect. Soften eyeliner after applying.

Finally, avoid excessive powder and foundation. Thick foundation will bring out wrinkles and aging skin tends to be drier, which will make the powder more aging. A light coat of powder with a pink tint, suggests one expert on WikiBeauty.