Raging, Potty Mouthed US Embassy Employee Sent Home After Expletive-Filled Row With Motorist In Malta Street

(Photo: Screen Grab via YouTube/jakovids)US Embassy staffer fights with motorist in Malta street.

Talk about road rage. A hot-headed, potty mouthed American employee of the U.S. Embassy in Malta was sent home after he blew his cap in an expletive-filled row with a Maltese motorist on a local street and the embarrassing action was all caught on video then posted to YouTube for all the world to see.

The U.S. Embassy confirmed in an Associated Press report on Wednesday that the unidentified employee, "did not comport with the standards of behavior that we expect from all embassy personnel."

It wasn't clear if the employee had been fired according to the report, with the U.S. Embassy only saying that he had "departed."

The row reportedly occurred last Saturday on a narrow street in the town of St. Julian's. The embassy staffer challenged the Maltese driver after their two cars came nose to nose and they both refused to give way according to the just over three-minute YouTube video of the incident.

The American then exited his car in a rage and launched into an expletive-filled tirade during which he attempt to make it physical at one point.

"Hey tough guy you wanna f*** with somebody?

You wanna f*** with me pull over there. You f***er. Pull over!"

"Shut up," the motorist tells him. "You reverse. You reverse"

The American is then seen pressing against the man's windshield and trying to unlock his car door while the man implores him, "don't touch my car."

When the motorist refuses to back down further, the American got ready for a physical fight declaring: "Come on! Right now! You and me!" he declared angrily.

But the man wouldn't budge.

"Pull over, motherf***er…I will kick your Maltese f***ing a**. You have no idea. Pull over right now.

"F***face, you're gonna pull your F***ing car over or I'm gonna beat your…a** all over this God****ed street," the American threatened. "Get out of the car. I ain't f***ing prey/pray."

The American carried on with his expletive-filled tirade, berating the Maltese motorist for his weight until it appeared as if the local was calling the local police. The American backed out in a huff.


USA VS Malta Street Argument
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