Ramsey No Burgers? Charles Ramsey Declines Free Burgers, 'Disgusted' at Video Game Featuring Him (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Twitter via ABC)Cleveland's Charles Ramsey is America's newest hero.

Charles Ramsey wants no free burgers from restaurants offering him them following his high profile rescue of three young women from more than nine years in captivity in the Cleveland area recently.

Ramsey was heralded as a hero following his help in releasing Amanda Berry from a neighbor's home, and his charisma in interviews following the incident have made him a national celebrity.

In one of the first interviews after the rescue he described what happened, starting, "I was eating my McDonalds…"

That comment led a number of local restaurants, including McDonald's, to offer Ramsey free burgers. However, the new star has spoken out recently to say that he has no interest in accepting free burgers from anyone.

Attorney Patricia Walker, who is representing Ramsey, has said, "He is encouraging people to do things that will help the victims."

Ramsey has spoken out recently about the number of places that have taken his name, or image, and created commercial products with them. Those places are now being criticized for "cashing-in" off of Ramsey's newly found fame, and even Ramsey himself has commented that he never gave permission for places to use his name.

A video game has been produced overseas featuring Ramsey firing burgers at alleged kidnappers in a house.

Some restaurants have named foods after him, with one burger restaurant calling one of their products "The Ramsey Burger."

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Ramsey was left "disgusted" at an online video game "that depicts him and Ariel Castro, the man accused of holding the women hostages, throwing hamburgers at each other."

News out this week has described that Ramsey has now signed up with a company that will help to guard his image, and also arrange for him to make appearances in an organized and strategic method that can commercially protect his name and image.

Here is a video of Charles Ramsey's interview following the rescue of Amanda Berry and two other women who spent more than 9 years in captivity: