Rapper 'The Game' Upsets Fans With 'Black Jesus'

Jayceon "The Game" Taylor has been releasing a new track every Sunday to tease his upcoming "Jesus Piece" album and now his "Black Jesus" song is causing a reaction from fans and those who believe his music is blasphemous.

Taylor, 32, has publicly declared that he was baptized at Bishop Noel Jones' City of Refuge Church in Gardena, Calif., last year. However, the rapper has publicly admitted to struggling with completely letting go of his former lifestyle before the Dec.11 release of his album documenting those struggles.

On "Black Jesus" The Game compares himself to Jesus, speaks about material possessions and questions why other hip-hop legends are deceased.

"Yessir the young Black Jesus/ Walkin' on water in them young black Yeezys/ Five albums, five masterpieces/ Can't leave rap alone The Game needs it," the rapper spits in the song. "Gimme Steve's eyes so I can see black Jesus/ So I can see why they killin' in the Chi Black Jesus/ How did Chris Lighty really die Black Jesus?/ Don't answer that, he's probably in Heaven where B.I.G. is."

Some fans called the rapper's efforts nothing short of amazing.

"Just heard #BlackJesus for the first time, @thegame killed it. Again. #amazing," the person tweeted.

However, other listeners questioned why a Christian would name his song "Black Jesus" while speaking about a subject matter laced with profanity and glorifying a worldly lifestyle.

"So @thegame has now released a track called #BlackJesus. Nothing new I guess, just more blasphemy. Q's: Does this make (you) more famous now," one person questioned on Twitter.

Another person condemned the rapper for releasing the song on a Sunday, a when many Christians gather for worship.

"@thegame got a one way ticket to hell for dropping #BlackJesus on the sabbath day," the person tweeted.

Still, another listener echoed the same sentiments while calling the rapper a heathen.

"#BlackJesus No matter how you cut it singing publicly about Jesus while using Profanity says you are a Heathen! Totally disgusting song. Retry," the person tweeted.