Raymond Carl Knudson Inspired by 'Inside Job': Robs Bank, Turns Himself In (VIDEO)

Raymond Carl Knudson felt so passionately about the economic downturn in 2008 that he decided to rob a Bank of America. However, unlike most robbers, Knudson decided to immediately turn himself in after robbing the bank.

Knudson was inspired to rob his local Bank of America after watching "Inside Job," a 2010 documentary describing the lead-up and cause of the economic crisis. Divided into five segments, the film looks at How We Got Here, The Bubble, The Crisis, Accountability, and Where We Are Now.

According to director Charles H. Ferguson, the documentary details "the systemic corruption of the United States by the financial services industry and the consequences of that systemic corruption."

It was this film that inspired Knudson to take action and rob Bank of America, much as he felt the corporation had robbed Americans. The documentary won admiration for its angry argument, though some critics felt that it was too much like a Michael Moore documentary.

Knudson felt that the film's section on Accountability was a call to arms of sorts and decided to take action. He then went to the Bank of America, passed a note explaining what he wanted to a teller, and left with $425. Instead of attempting to get away, though, Knudson immediately drove to the Gresham Police Department and turned himself in.

Some have speculated that Knudson actually wanted to go to jail, where he would receive health care, three square meals per day, and a safe living situation.

"He probably needed health insurance and jail seemed like his best course of action," noted Huffington Post reader Vernsmaria.

"Committing a crime for conviction and imprisonment is nothing new," added A. Carioti. "A guaranteed daily three balanced meals, medical coverage and shelter look pretty good to a person with none of these."

Watch a trailer for "Inside Job" here: