Reactions: Christian University Requires Staff to Sign Anti-Gay 'Lifestyle' Statement

A Georgia university has released a new document that would rule out homosexuals as prospective employees. Adopted by the school’s board of trustees, a “Personal Lifestyle Statement” is a mandatory employee document, which if refused to sign could result in termination.

The Christian Post reported on “Personal Lifestyle Statement” Friday and vast, mixed opinions on the document followed.

Shorter University has said that the school would only hire “committed Bible believing Christians” as the institution’s slogan is “transforming lives through Christ”.

In addition to rules against homosexuality, Shorter’s “Personal Lifestyle Statement” includes other areas of conduct including church participation and premarital sex. Some people have praised the school for adopting the new employee investigation and others have condemned them.

One gay commenter said, “I'm not certain of the legalities, but I would think that this school is well within their rights. I think they did a good job of laying out their understanding of a Godly life. It's refreshing to see that they are not singling out gay people in their statement. (I like a drink every now and again and I have a husband, so I couldn't work there) ;-)."

Others expressed anger at the whole initiative. One commenter wrote, “It's absolutely pathetic. The best thing that can be done in this situation is to inform people that the university is promoting bigotry and hatred. When the university notices its students avoiding it then they will reform but then again their will always be bigots that will congregate there.”

One commenter brought up issues of public versus private funding as it relates to human resources at a religious University. They wrote, “Since bigotry furthers no public interest, we have a collective responsibility to ensure that these "universities" have their tax exempt status revoked. If they want to center their religion on bigotry, so be it. But they should not be allowed to do so with tax subsidies that we all pay for.”

Shorter University is currently affiliated with the Georgia Baptist Convention.

One commenter considers the potential for reverse discrimination. They write, “What's the's a Christian university. I wonder if the LGBT movement would hire a Christian who calls homosexuality a sin...and isn't afraid to say so.”