'Real Housewives' Dina Manzo Returns, Takes Dig at Estranged Sister Caroline

Former "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Dina Manzo returned to the Bravo reality TV show Sunday for a brief appearance at her co-star Teresa Giudice's adult beverage launch party.

The 40-year-old appeared to be in good spirits as she helped Giudice celebrate the launch of her new wine, Fabellini, and the pair could not help but discuss Manzo's estranged sister and sister-in-law Caroline, 50.

"Blood's thicker than water," Teresa was heard saying during the candid chat.

"Unfortunately not always," Dina responded. "I used to think that, but it's not always the case."

Giudice, 40, then proceeded to open up about her own feud with Caroline by discussing their heated exchange in Napa. The reality TV star explained that Caroline is still furious over "jokes" that Giudice made about her in her best-selling cook book "Fabulicious."

Manzo laughed when Giudice explained that Caroline does not want to be her friend anymore because of the incident.

"The last time someone said 'I don't want to be your friend anymore' was in fourth grade! Let it go. You have your kids, you have your health. Everything else is b.s.," Manzo said.

Manzo recently opened up about her own feud with Caroline, whom she completely stopped speaking to last year.

"I'm obviously not going to get into the reasons, but … we're all on a life journey and sometimes people's energy doesn't vibe. We're just letting it sit … It doesn't mean you hate the person or you wish bad for them," Manzo told Us Magazine.

"I know this ------ people off, but Teresa had absolutely nothing to do with it. I kind of distanced myself from everybody. So I don't know what they're talking about. Maybe something went on that I don't know about," she went on.

Manzo, who left the popular reality TV show after season two, has maintained a friendship with Giudice, which some critics suspect may be adding tension to her feud with Caroline. Manzo, though, insists that the feud has nothing to do with Giudice despite Caroline's claims that it does.