'Real Housewives' Lisa Vanderpump Slams Faye Resnick: 'Her Reputation Precedes Her' (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO) Housewives: BravoTV.comReal Housewives of Beverly Hills season 3 cast

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Lisa Vanderpump slammed the show's villain Faye Resnick following a confrontation with fellow housewife Brandi Glanville.

During Sunday night's episode Resnick, 59, lashed out at Glanville at Vanderpump's wedding anniversary party. The 40-year-old single mom was having a discussion with co-stars Yolanda Foster and Marisa Zanuck before Resnick added herself to the conversation.

"You want to talk about ladies? No matter how many Chanels [handbags] you borrow, you will never ever be a lady!" Resnick sniped at Glanville after being asked to leave.

Vanderpump, who is currently on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars," was baffled by Resnick's behavior and condemned the former Playboy model in a recent blog post.

"I was intent on staying as far away from that conversation as possible but Faye, of course, comes and inserts herself in the middle of it. I would hazard a guess she was looking for trouble," Vanderpump wrote.

"It worries me that she perceives the definition of a lady can be defined by a handbag," she continued. "There are many women I would have interest in hearing their opinion of what makes a lady -- Resnick is not one of them. Her reputation precedes her."

Watch what happens below (WARNING: Adult language and themes).

Resnick is best known for testifying against O.J. Simpson during his infamous 1995 murder trial months before posing for Playboy magazine.

Foster, who joined the Bravo TV reality show in season three, was equally as appalled with Resnick's behavior.

"I was speechless when Faye inserted herself into our conversation uninvited. I honestly have never seen anyone behave so rudely and inappropriately," Foster wrote.

"How hypocritical from someone that is trying to belittle another woman for her behavior?" she continued. "I saw how these pitbulls treated Brandi last year, and that ain't going to happen as long as this sheriff is in town."

Despite receiving overwhelming criticism from many of the "Housewives" cast as well as viewers, Resnick was defended by housewife Kim Richards.

"Faye's really not mean and actually she's a girl's girl believe it or not ... I know how she comes off on the show ... I've known Faye a long time and she's actually a really good person," Richards said during a recent appearance on "Watch What Happens Live."