Real Housewives of Atlanta Nene Leakes' Lawsuit Explained By Jilted Wedding Planner

Nene Leakes, the cast member on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," who recently remarried her ex-husband Gregg Leakes, may have previously denied claims made in a lawsuit filed against her by a wedding planner, but now the plaintiff is speaking out publicly.

After news broke that the wedding planner Tiffany Cook filed a lawsuit in Georgia for over $1 million owed to her for coordinating Leakes' wedding, the reality television star vehemently denied those allegations on Twitter.

Cook recently came forward after being blasted by Leakes on the social networking website, saying that her reputation has been ruined.

"She has 1.3 million [Twitter] followers. To say such negative things about me, it can only be devastating," Cook recently told Rolling Out magazine. "When you Google my name right now, there are 300 pages saying I am a scam artist, among other things. Again, we [Tiffany Cook Events] deal with a high-profile clientele."

Leakes first took to Twitter to deny the claims made in Cook's lawsuit last July. The reality television star spoke about possibly being scammed by the woman who claimed she was owed money.

However, Leakes did not seem afraid to enter a courtroom to sort out the issue.

"Hunni Atlanta has more scam artist than reality stars! Everybody looking 4 a pay day," Leakes tweeted. "This mess is so fraudulent I can't stop tweeting! Imma bout 2 lay my clothes out 4 the first day of court (SIC)."

After learning about Leakes calling her a scam artist, Cook insisted that she was devastated.

"Generally, I am all over the Internet for the fantastic things that I do," Cook told Rolling Out. "It is absolutely devastating."

While Cook is featured in a trailer for Leakes spinoff show, "I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding," it is only to show the wedding planner having a disagreement with the reality television star and actress. Cook insists that she wants to move forward with her lawsuit to be compensated for what she has done.

"I want to be paid for my services and clearly erase this damage this has caused," Cook told Rolling Out. "I want my life and my business back."