'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Lost Footage Recap (VIDEO)

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" recently wrapped up its season four reunion show and on Sunday, viewers were able to watch the show's lost footage special on the Bravo network.

Among the refreshingly funny video clips that were filmed throughout season four were more serious discussions that took place during the reunion show taping. At one point, Bravo TV host Andy Cohen confronted the Giudices about controversial issues, and he asked Caroline Manzo about her strained relationship with her sister Dina.

Joe Giudice, who joined his wife Teresa and her female cast mates on the couch, was grilled about using gay slurs in prior seasons. More specifically he was asked about an offensive homosexual joke that he made to another male cast member.

"Growing up, we always used the word ... we call each other, f-----, h--- or whatever, doesn't mean anything. We were friends. We call each other names all the time, it doesn't mean we're gay," Joe explained to Cohen, who is homosexual.

"We just would use that word for whatever reason, that just was in our vocabulary ... It was just a word that everybody used. Now, I don't use the word anymore because it's not appropriate and people don't want to hear that, so I don't use it," he went on.

Teresa, 40, was also grilled about an InTouch magazine interview that she did in which she offered her co-stars public apologies for their ongoing feuds.

"Why do it publicly you know instead of emailing them?" Cohen asked Teresa. "[Did InTouch] ask you to apologize?"

"They asked me 'would you like to do a story about apologizing to the women' and I said 'you know what, yeah.'" Teresa responded. "If I didn't want to do it I would have said it."

Caroline, 50, then attempted to be the voice of reason despite previously ridiculing Teresa's responses to Cohen's questions. Teresa then fired back, suggesting that the mother of three was being hypocritical.

"It's ok for Jacqueline to put stories out, Lauren to put stories out, Caroline to put stories out?" Teresa shot back. When Caroline insisted that her daughter's magazine interview was positive, Teresa disagreed.

"Oh its a positive story? Encouraging getting a lap bad at 24 ... that's a positive story?" Teresa said sarcastically.

More lighthearted clips included the cast mates participating in a Tug-O-War for a charity; a number of blooper scenes which showed some of their children misbehaving; and Teresa scanning a bookstore for her best selling cookbooks.

Click below to see clips. (WARNING: Adult language.)