'Real Housewives of New York' Season 6: Carole Blasts 'Liar' Aviva Over 'Bookgate;' 'You're Nothing!' (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO) Courtesy: BravoTV.com'Real Housewives of New York' season 6 cast

"Real Housewives of New York" star Carole Radziwill tweeted her frustration on Tuesday following the airing of season 6 episode 2, which saw her clash with Aviva Drescher.

The Bravo TV star and New York Times best-selling author turned to her 134,000 Twitter followers for support after viewers witnessed her confront Drescher at a house-warming party over what is otherwise known as "bookgate."

Drescher, a Manhattan socialite, accused Radziwill, a respected writer, of using a ghostwriter for her 2005 memoir "What Remains," which sparked an uproar.

"It's a shame when you see a woman unable to support another woman's success and achievements. #RHONY," Radziwill tweeted Tuesday. "Wow, do you think it is appropriate for Aviva to spread lies about my writing career? #bookgate #rhony @bravotv another tweet read.

Radziwill's best-selling memoir recounts the tragic deaths of her late husband Anthony Radziwill and her good friend Carolyn Bissett, along with her husband John F. Kennedy, Jr. The Bravo TV star maintains that she never used a ghostwriter, however, during the episode Drescher suggested her co-star was being deceitful.

"You had 'What Remains' ghostwritten by Bill ... people told me that he wrote your book!" Drescher blasted Radziwill referring to "sources" at a publishing company.

"What are you? You're nothing! You've never had a job outside the house," a furious Radziwill countered.

The verbal sparring continued for several minutes until both women became so enraged that they stormed out of the room.

"I can't understand why Aviva is so set on being dishonest when it's much easier to tell the truth," Radziwill wrote in her Bravo TV blog.

Drescher, who initially approached Radziwill for advice about writing her own book, maintains that her co-star was "condescending" and not supportive during their meeting.

"I was pissed at Carole when she dissed my right to write," Drescher wrote in her own Bravo blog.

"She feels she's earned the right to write books because of her several hundred years of experience as a journalist, and further that I don't because, as she said in the episode, I'm a 'nothing, never had a job outside the house,'" she continued.

Season 5 addition Heather Thompson was "team carol" while the others, Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan and newcomer Kristen Taekman, did their best to remain neutral.

Radziwill believes Drescher was simply instigating a feud in order to promote her own book.

"Aviva was looking for a way to promote her book on the show, I get that. She knew that by engaging me in a drama about writing she'd get a lot of attention, which she did," she wrote.