Reese Witherspoon Pregnant?

Reports have surfaced this week that Reese Witherspoon is pregnant with her third child after being spotted with a potential "bump."

Witherspoon shares two children, Ava, 12, and Deacon, 8, from her first marriage to actor Ryan Phillippe.

Just last week, WItherspoon was photographed wearing a loose-fitting dress that seemed to reveal her pregnancy. The actress was vacationing in Rio de Janeiro with her husband.

In past interviews, the "Legally Blonde" and "Water For Elephants" star has admitted that she would like to have more children with her husband of one year, Jim Toth.

"Nothing's more important for me than family," said the actress speaking to Elle magazine last year. "I definitely love having a career, but I just love being a mom - it's how I was raised."

The actress, who turns 36 Thursday, added, "I feel really good and I'm at a really good place in my life."

A source close to the star said Witherspoon is about three months pregnant.

"Reese and Jim have been trying to get pregnant," said the insider, according to Us Weekly. "Reese is around 23 weeks but is not planning to announce it."

Witherspoon married Toth in March 2011 after one year of dating, and as the happy couple celebrates their one year anniversary this year, it seems they can also celebrate their first child together.

"The timing is right," said another source close to Witherspoon, according to Us Weekly. "She's so happy!"

Describing how she met her second husband in a past interview, Witherspoon said, "It happened out of the blue," while speaking to Elle.

"Jim came over and said, 'Please excuse my friend. He's just broken up with someone,'" she said. "Jim was a really good friend, pulling him out of that situation. That's just kind of who he is, a really good person."

The actress was hesitant to remarry after her painful and public divorce from Phillipe, but Witherspoon agreed to marry Toth when he asked in Dec. 2010.

"Jim said, 'I'm gonna show you every day what a good partner is, what a good person is. I'm going to take care of you. I'm gonna do this so much that you're gonna get used to it,'" explained the actress of Toth.

"I was like, 'What are you talking about?' I'd never had anybody like that in my life," she said.

The Georgia-born actress recently starred in the comedy "This Means War" alongside Chelsea Handler. The Oscar-winning actress continues to work in film and owns a production company called Type A Films.