Rescued Pit Bull Photo Goes Viral: Dog Rescued From Fighting Ring Lovingly Cradled by Rescuer

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(Photo: Reddit/F.L. Medic)This rescued pit bull photo has gone viral.

A rescued pit bull photo has gone viral this week as animal lovers everywhere express their outrage at the treatment of numerous dogs forced by owners into a suspected dog fighting ring in Plant City, Florida.

Animal lovers have been unanimous in their condemnation of those behind the suspected dog fighting ring, and have called for them to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

However, amid the troubling news, a photo of one of the pit bulls rescued from the dog fighting ring has gone viral, and acted as a light in the darkness to the story.

The touching photo was uploaded to the Internet by Reddit user F.L. Medic, who uploaded a shot of a member of Hillsborough County Animal Services, Pam Perry, cradling one of the pit bulls in her arms.

The photo immediately went viral and has warmed the hearts of animal lovers everywhere.

Many have commented on the fact that many dogs that are bred for fighting find it extremely difficult to adapt once saved from that life. Once put in a normal setting in a loving home they sometimes have difficulties accepting their new environment, and especially trusting their owners and other people.

However, the photo has led many to suggest that this particular pit bull has hope, and might deal with the transition better than most.

The pit bull is shown in the arms of the Hillsborough County Animal Services staff member with what people have described as a "look of contentment" on its face.

Since being published the photo has been up-voted thousands of times, and has become so popular it has been featured on Reddit's main page.

Pam Perry - the woman cradling the dog lovingly in the photo - has also received much praise, with many compassionate people complimenting her for her job.