Emily VanCamp and Revenge Episode Turns Up Heat

Last night's episode of Revenge, titled "Chaos" did not disappoint or fail to live up to the title. Viewers had a few burning question answered, but we also saw mysteries deepen and were left itching for more. Be wary, this recap article contains spoilers!

Last night's episode started off by unveiling who stole Emily VanCamp's box full of her secret motives for revenge. Surprisingly it was not Amanda, but rather the deceitful Tyler who stole the infinity box. Tyler pored over the box and learned all of Emily's secret plans. He also divulged these secrets to Amanda, widening the divide between Emily and her former friend.

Tyler and Amanda attempted to crash the Fire and Ice Ball together and enact Tyler's plan to kill Daniel and frame Emily. But Amanda managed to get away from Tyler and impede his plot.

The episode finally revealed what fans have been waiting to find out since the pilot episode. The washed up body found on the beach? Don't worry, it wasn't Daniel. It turned out to be Tyler. So it seems Daniel will be staying with the show for at least another episode. In an interview with TV guide Josh Bowman, who plays Daniel, speculates on why Daniel didn't get killed off, and expresses his gratitude at getting to stay on the show.

Bowman said, "People get invested in the character so maybe the producers don't want to kill him off. But then maybe they do, so as not to follow a pattern and create more interest. I think that would have been great as well. Obviously, personally, it wouldn't have been great because I love the show."

While this week's show answered pervious cliffhangers, the episode certainly raised new ones that left fans dying for more. Mainly, who is responsible for Tyler's death?