'Revenge' Season 3 Spoilers: 'It's Going to Be A Really Intense Ride'

The third season of popular ABC drama "Revenge" kicked off last night with the airing of the season premiere. Actress Emily VanCamp and executive producer Sunil Nayar hinted at some spoilers for the rest of the season.

VanCamp and Nayar recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly for an interview about what fans can expect in the upcoming episodes of "Revenge." It seems Conrad's health problems will be a focus this season, according to the executive producer.

"I think you're going to see, he's been governor for six months, and he's a fabulous governor. But he's kind of been working under the pressures of the job and the pressures of coming home. And I think in that really wonderful way that the Hamptons affects a human being, you'll see the toll his homecoming takes on him," Nayar said.

Jack and Emily's relationship will also take focus this season. In fact, their reunion itself seems like it will be quite compelling.

 "It's a really intense, awful moment between them because he has so much anger -- and rightfully so," VanCamp told Entertainment Weekly.

VanCamp elaborated on the reunion.

"And I think you know in her wildest dreams she'd love for him to understand and is trying to make him understand but you can't make someone as pure as Jack understand this kind of anger and sadness that she has inside of her that's fueling this whole plan. It's going to be a really intense ride for those two and kind of a sad one, really," she said.