Revolution Youth Coalition Demands Release of Journalists Imprisoned in Egypt

The Revolution Youth Coalition condemned security individuals affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood after they imprisoned a number of journalists who were covering an event close to the Egypt's presidential palace on Monday.

The journalists were covering the "Eggs March," where a number of revolutionary voices were scheduled to speak regarding the current regime.

The RYC charged that the imprisonment of the journalists was an attempt to distract from the human rights violations committed against the revolutionaries, who oppose the ruling regime of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The organization said the imprisonment of Journalist Waleed Salah of the Egyptian newspaper Vito and the confiscation of his property including a laptop was a clear violation against his personal rights and professional role. Any violation against him would be a violation against the people as whole, said RYC.

In the same context, Wael Ahmed, Member of the Political Office of the Coalition, revealed that they would participate in the demonstrations that are scheduled for May 17 in response to the repeated violations committed by the Muslim Brotherhood against the freedoms and the authorities of the state.

Ahmed stressed that the demonstration would raise unified demands including, freedom, social justice, and humanitarian dignity that the fascist rule of the Muslim Brotherhood has undermined.

The coalition called on the honest counselors of the Egyptian prosecution to release Salah and a colleague from custody.