Richard Gere, Carey Lowell Divorcing? Couple Reportedly Separated for 'Quite Some Time'

Richard Gere and wife of 11 years, Carey Lowell, are reportedly separated and in the process of divorcing. The couple has one son, Homer, whom they plan to share custody of.

According to the New York Post, the couple has been "spending time apart for quite some time." That includes living in separate locations reflective of their personalities.

"They have a place in Bedford, NY, and he likes it because it's quiet and he likes the solitude," a source told the Post. "She likes being in North Haven in the limelight. They live next door to Jimmy Buffett and his family, and they're good friends."

The two were together seven years before marrying in an intimate ceremony. Soon after, Gere told the Daily Mail that Lowell had "changed my life. And marriage does have meaning, if you do it from your heart. It is a milestone for us both. It's time to tell the world that I am happier, more open and relaxed than I have ever been in my life. I asked her to marry me three years ago, but we have only just got around to doing it."

Lowell had been married two times before settling down with Gere; she also had one daughter with an ex-husband. He was previously married to supermodel Cindy Crawford, and they remain friends. She was actually responsible for introducing Gere and Lowell.

Gere and Lowell both share a passion for the practice of Buddhism and are activists for the state of Tibet, which is under Chinese rule. Gere has been permanently banned from entering the People's Republic of China due to his fervent support for the independence of the Tibetan nation from Chinese rule. Lowell is an active supporter but is not as well-known for her activism as Gere, who is rather outspoken about his Buddhist practice.

Representatives for the couple have declined to comment on the status of their relationship.