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Rick Gervais Sparks Twitter War With 'Fundamentalist Christian'

Rick Gervais Sparks Twitter War With 'Fundamentalist Christian'

Funny man Ricky Gervais usually knows how to get laughs, but this time around he is strictly business as he has entered heated debates with some of his Twitter followers over religion, sexuality, and ways of life.

Gervais' beliefs are no secret as he frequently talks about atheism, and condemns Christians on their bashing of homosexuality and belief in creation.

"I used to believe in God. The Christian one, that is (There are a few thousand to choose from. But I was born in a country where the dominant religion was Christianity so I believed in that one. Isn't it weird how that always happens?)," he told New Humanist Magazine.

He continued, "Luckily I was also interested in science and nature. And reason and logic. And honesty and truth. And equality and fairness. By the age of eight I was an atheist."

His newest project is the "12 Days of Rickmas," where he helps raise awareness for PETA by posing as Jesus and telling his Twitter followers to do something nice for animals each of the 12 days.

Gervais has been engaging in a Twitter war with user, @GodsWordIsLaw, who the comedian refers to as a fundamentalist.

The Twitter user Keith believes in the Bible as the number one authority, and follows the teachings and fights for the morals and teachings within it. Because of this, Gervais views him as anti-gay, and hateful of other religions, reports the Huffington Post.

Keith mocked Hanukkah Tweeting, "Happy Hanukkah to the pharisees...bah humbug #GenocideNow."

The comedian responded with, "To all sane Christians. I know you're not all like these evil fundamentalists. I don't believe in your God but I believe in your kindness."

He also tweeted, "I am not anti christian. I am anti bigot @GodsWordIsLaw I don't believe in ANY god. I treat all religions equally. And all good people."

However, @GodsWordIsLaw replied, “Atheism is poison may God have mercy on your soul before he dropkicks you into HELL.” That's some good mercy. Ha ha."


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