Rihanna Causes Controversy With Mosque Photos

Rihanna recently sparked a spiritual debate when she posed with a hijab in front of a Mosque in a personal photo shoot for her Instagram account.

Covered from head to toe in a black garb, Rihanna sported a hijab and red lips in numerous photographs posted on her Instagram account while on a tour stop in Abu Dhabi.

"#AbuDhabi at the Mosque," the 25-year-old Barbadian pop star captioned the images of her posing in front of the Islamic house of worship.

Rihanna decided to dress in her black catsuit and hijab like headscarf in the Middle Eastern city that requires women to cover their bodies with the exception of hands and eyes for religious reasons. However, a number of people debated the singer's decision to do so.

"#Disrespect, mosque is for praying to god. Not for fashion show," one person commented on Rihanna's picture.

Others followed the same sentiments,

"Legit, she looks so much prettier and sexier when she's covered up than when she's grinding her butt in the camera," another person wrote on Rihanna's image. "Turning a place of worship into a photo shoot really doesn't demonstrate the greatest respect for Islam though."

Still, some could not understand why the images were deemed controversial.

"Can't believe how many people are going crazy," the person commented on one of Rihanna's photographs. "She's covered up, thats a sign of respect..why can't everybody #relax."

Rihanna has given fans a glimpse of her spiritual beliefs by previously sharing biblical scriptures with an affinity for Christian author and speaker Joyce Meyer's teachings.

"Believing has a lot to do with obedience," the singer re-tweeted from Meyer last year. "If you really believe what God says, you'll do what He says."

The singer is an admitted fan of Meyer's, and even sent a message to the Christian speaker on Twitter last year.

"@JoyceMeyer you're awesome," Rihanna told the minister via Twitter.