Rihanna Exhausted During Making of 'You Da One': Is She Pregnant?

Rihanna has been suffering from exhaustion while on her latest European tour, and in the making of her latest music video, the singer displays more signs of fatigue.

The single titled “You Da One” is from Rihanna's platinum selling album Talk That Talk, and in the viral video she is heard saying, "I'm not going to remember this tomorrow!"

The puffy eyed Bajan singer also says, "I'm running on one hour’s sleep...my eyes are burning.”

The 23-year-old's 101-date tour appeared to be getting unmanageable last month after she posted a series of tweets suggesting she was be unable to fulfill the tour.

One of Rihanna's tweets read, "I'm so light-headed!”

The “We Found Love” singer was reportedly consoled by pregnant singer Beyonce, who advised her to take 12 months off to recuperate once she had completed her tour, according to Mail Online.

Recently The Christian Post reported that fans have begun suspecting pregnancy after witnessing odd behavior during a concert in Portugal.

The Bajan singer was engaging the crowd while performing the hit song “What's My Name,” then abruptly ran offstage.

Rihanna explained the incident tweeting, “yep! i ran off stage to throw up, halfway thru Whats My Name…made it back juuuust in time for RudeBoy."

The singer grabbed headlines earlier this week after blasting the dditor-in-chief of a Dutch fashion magazine on Twitter.

Eva Hoeke of Jackie magazine used a racial slur to describe the singer, and was forced to resign after receiving widespread backlash.

“You Da One” has made it to the top 10 charts in four countries, and looks set to be a global hit.

The making of “You Da One” was posted Tuesday on social networking site YouTube, and within 24 hours received over 150,000 views.