Rihanna in Video Shoot: Singer Posts Topless Photos - Gone Too Far? (Photo)

Pop icon Rihanna has once again caused a stir by posted pictures of herself topless during a video shoot on her Facebook page. This is not the first time the star has been criticized for revealing too much of herself, but still many are wondering if she has gone too far this time.

"Where Have You Been?" is Rihanna's latest single, and the music video is already generating much buzz. However, it's not exactly the lyrics that are attracting attention as much as it is the fact that Rihanna appears nearly nude throughout the video. Now, perhaps in order to continue creating publicity for the single, Rihanna has posted pictures of herself getting done-up for the video.

They detail how Rihanna got her crocodile look, featuring heavy makeup on certain areas of her body. And when she was not in makeup, Rihanna donned a leopard-print robe or lacy bodysuit. She is known for being rather outlandish and using her looks to attract attention, but has Rihanna finally gone too far?

It was just in September that a farmer in Ireland asked Rihanna to stop filming for a different music video because he had "an ethos" and "felt that it was inappropriate and that's why [he] requested it to stop." In the "We Found Love" video, Rihanna wore a risqué farmer's outfit, which Alan Graham, who had lent the star his land to film on, felt was too controversial.

 "When the filming did become to my mind unacceptable, I requested the filming to stop. It became apparent to me that the situation was becoming inappropriate, and I requested them to stop and they did stop," he explained on Good Morning Ulster.

Graham became concerned when he noticed Rihanna was stripping in the middle of his field, which he did not approve of. "I had my conversation with Rihanna regarding that and I hope she understands where I'm coming from," he added. "We shook hands and we parted company on good enough terms."

"Where Have You Been?" has already received over 25 million views, according to Rihanna's Facebook page.