Rihanna 'Pour It Up' Video Slammed By Critics: 'It Objectifies Women'

Rihanna recently sparked outrage over the release of her "Pour It Up" music video and a number of critics have lashed out at the singer for what they deem to be an overtly sexualized clip.

In the song, which is from Rihanna's seventh studio album "Unapologetic", the Bajan pop star boasts about her wealth whilst glorifying exotic dancers and promoting hard liquor. On Wednesday Rihanna debuted the lewd music video, which had received 17 million views by Saturday, and various women's groups immediately blasted the singer over its explicitness, according to Daily Mail UK.

"[Rihanna's] crude, tasteless and explicit dancing, combined with the money-focused lyrics, are telling all her fans – many of them still children – that it is good for women and girls to sell their body, and right for men and boys to see women purely as a sexual commodity," said Miranda Suit, of Safermedia, a charity that campaigns against violence, sex and bad language in the media.

The Grammy award-winning singer is renowned for pushing the envelope and sparking controversy however a number of critics insist that this time she has simply gone too far. Dr Helen Wright, a former president of the Girls' School Association, slammed fans who have openly defended the music video whilst calling on Rihanna to acknowledge her social responsibilities as a globally recognized pop artist.

 "No matter how much people may talk about its artistic merit, it nonetheless objectifies and therefore demeans women by casting them in the mould of whore," Wright said.

"Parents should object and do their best to prevent their children from seeing it; even better would be for Rihanna herself to recognize the responsibility she has as a public figure to promote positive and healthy images of women, and to stop selling out, under cover of 'art', to commercial interests which demean women," she added.