Rihanna Wears Chris Brown Necklace, Sparks Reconciliation Rumors

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(PHOTO:Instagram/Rihanna)Rihanna's new Mullet.

Rihanna was recently photographed wearing a gold necklace that Chris Brown gave her during their relationship, and a new report appears to shed light on this.

In May the Bajan singer, 25, abruptly ended her on-and-off relationship with the "Fine China" singer, 24, however on Sept. 3 she was photographed wearing jewelry that was romantically given to her by Brown. While the photo triggered reconciliation speculation amongst fans, a source insists the singers are not back together.

"Every girl has had that moment when she's got her ex on the mind and did something about it. This was one of those moments for Ri. She already knew what people would say and she doesn't give a f---," a source told HollywoodLife.com.

"Like Mel (Rihanna's best friend Melissa Forde) told her, 'f--- what people say.' She wore it. She liked it. She's entitled to have one of those moments. It ain't the first. And it won't be the last," the source added.

Rihanna and Brown sparked controversy in January after they reconciled four years after their infamous domestic assault incident. Despite their recent split and everything they have endured in recent years, a source claims the "Diamonds" singer will always love him.

"That will never change," the source said about the love they share. "She's going to always love him regardless. But trying to get back with him, naw, that ain't happening."

(PHOTO) Instagram: @BadGalRiriRihanna and Chris Brown enjoy an outing

It is still unclear why exactly Rihanna and Brown, who has since moved on with model Karrueche Tran, split. However in August, a report claimed the Bajan singer's desire to have a baby eventually tore them apart.

A source claims the pop star opened up about wanting a baby in the future, shortly before the split and that ultimately Brown was a little taken aback.

"She told him she loved him and could see herself starting a family with him in the future. She wasn't talking like right now," a source clarified to HollywoodLife.com.

Shortly after Rihanna's baby revelation Brown took part in an interview in which he revealed that he was single. Rihanna was reportedly left hurt by his candid comments, which allegedly prompted her to cut him off for good.

"When my girl tell you she loves you and wants to be serious with you and start a real life you and maybe even have your baby in the future, you turn her down, and then put her on blast on a radio show," the source explained. "That's all bad. Like game over."