Ringo Starr Searching for Teen Beatles Fans in 1964 Mystery Photo (VIDEO)

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(Photo: AP Photo / Vince Bucci)Musician Ringo Starr poses for a photo at The Grammy Museum on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. The legendary drummer and former member of The Beatles took part in a question and answer session and performance with Ben Harper and the Relentless7, who play on Starr's new album, 'Y Not'.

Ringo Starr of The Beatles is searching for six teenagers who were piled up in a sedan on a Miami, Fla. highway in 1964. The famous musician managed to snap a photograph of the fans on his very first trip to the U.S. all those years ago, and now that the picture is to be featured in his upcoming book, "Photograph," he'd like to find out the teenagers' names.

Ringo Starr and the iconic Beatles were driving along a highway in February, and while the youth passed their vehicle, he managed to snap a picture. The black-and-white photo will appear in his book, which comes out in print Nov. 22 along with 240 other never-before-seen shots.

"It's just a great shot," Starr wrote in the book, which was released as an e-book earlier this year. "They're looking at us and I'm photographing them."

Other photos in the book are instances from Starr's childhood and they document his rise to fame alongside The Beatles. The 74-year-old musician said the mystery teens are likely in their 60s by now, but likes the fact that he was able to capture the moment.

"I love pictures put together, showing different times of your life," he wrote in the book.

"Photograph" shares its title with the 1973 hit co-written by him and George Harrison. Only 2,500 signed, leather-bound copies of the book are available for purchase at their website.

This isn't the first book Starr has authored. Lyrics from the song "Octopus Garden" were turned into a children's book.

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