Rob Ford Smoking Crack? Toronto Mayor Denies, Says He Smoked 'A Lot of Weed'

Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford revealed on Wednesday that had he smoked a lot of marijuana during a campaign-style lunch where Ford was taking questions.

The revelation comes after Ford had repeatedly denied smoking crack cocaine, but when asked if he has ever smoked marijuana was quick to answer in the affirmative.

"Oh yeah. I won't deny that. I smoked a lot of it," Ford said as reported by Canada's Globe and Mail. The publication adds that in recent weeks, several Canadian politicians have come forward to admit they had smoked marijuana and could support liberalization of the nation's marijuana laws.

The BBC stated that Rob Ford is the fourth Canadian politician to admit using marijuana in recent weeks.

Ford's name has been in the news in recent months after being caught up in allegations that he was caught on videotape smoking crack cocaine, but the controversial mayor maintains his innocence.

"Absolutely not true," Ford previously said outside his home, according to CBC. "It's ridiculous. It's another Toronto Star whatever."

There have been other reports that a video was obtained by the Toronto Star and after being reviewed by the editorial staff said the video showed the mayor smoking from a device that resembles a crack pipe.

"I don't know whether or not such a video exists, but I think it would be fair for the public to see such a video and make their own conclusions," Dennis Morris, Rob Ford's attorney, previously said in a statement.

City Councilman Adam Vaughan said this is not the first distraction for the mayor.

"He's a bad mayor because he makes bad decisions … he doesn't have a coherent set of policies," Vaughan, told CBC.

Another city councilman said that the mayor should step down to prevent further distractions at City Hall. He referred to the allegations as "obviously shocking and kind of salacious stuff."