Robert Pattinson Taught Kristen Stewart About 'Unconditional Love,' Actress Always Felt 'Beautiful'

Kristen Stewart reportedly credits Robert Pattinson for helping her learn the meaning of true love, sources claim.

The Hollywood actress, 23, began dating Pattinson, 27, in 2008 after meeting him on the set of "Twilight" and the pair had a strong 5-year bond before they split last year. While they had their fair share of drama during the course of their relationship, Stewart reportedly still loves the British actor and is grateful because he taught her how to love.

"She never really knew what true soul-to-soul love was before she met Rob," a source told

(PHOTO) REUTERS/Mario AnzuoniKristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson first began dating in 2008

"Rob loved her unconditionally and she learned what true love was really about," the source explained.

In 2012 Pattinson, who is notoriously private when it comes to his personal life, was left heartbroken after the "Camp X Ray" actress admitted to cheating on him with her married "Snow White and The Huntsmen" movie director, Rupert Sanders.

While the "Queen of The Desert" actor initiated their split shortly after Stewart issued a public apology for her affair, he continued to love her, which led to a reconciliation. The actress is forever grateful for his ability to forgive and continue loving her in the midst of such tremendous heartache.

"Rob is well aware of why Kristen cheated on him. He understands that it wasn't because of a lack of love,' a source said previously.

"It was more so a fear of intimacy on Kristen's part. Everyone takes on different experiences from their upbringings," the source added.

Pattinson reportedly helped keep Stewart grounded during her rise to stardom, which is one of the many reasons she still loves the actor.

"This whole fame thing is out of her comprehension," the insider explained. "But because of Rob … he made her feel beautiful, something she really didn't know. He made her feel beautiful from the inside out."