Robin Thicke Crashes Porsche, Poses in Back of Cop Car (PHOTO)

Thicke had the police on his side Wednesday night after he crashed into a park car in order to avoid rear-ending the car in front of him.

Thicke, who is now part of the realty show "Duets," is also responsible for writing hit songs for musicians like Usher, Mary J. Blige, and Jennifer Hudson. While taking a drive down Sunset Boulevard Wednesday night, Thicke slammed into a park car after rapidly turning off the road.

Thicke reported to the cops that he was leaving Chateau Marmont and had begun to drive down Sunset Boulevard when the car in front of him turned off the road according to TMZ. The move caught Thicke by surprise and to avoid hitting the car in front of him he made a quick move and instead swerved his black Porche convertible into a parked Volkswagen.

Both cars appeared to suffer from a large amount of damage and had to be towed away from the scene of the accident. After police arrived, they questioned Thicke but did not press any charges and instead went out of their way to do the singer a favor.

Left without a vehicle, authorities offered Thicked a ride home. The singer appeared to graciously accept the offer and was caught on camera wearing a large smile on his face as he climbed in to the back of the cop car.

Nobody was injured in the accident and police do not believe that drugs or alcohol were involved. The situation was slightly different earlier this year when Thicke was arrested for openly smoking a joint in New York's Gramercy Park. The singer and songwriter was not driving then, however. He was taken to police station where he received a summons before being allowed to continue home.