Root Beer Float Day Celebrated Today

This year National Root Beer Float Day has arrived on Monday and people everywhere are celebrating with the cool treat.

The holiday on Aug. 6 each year comes at a perfect time during the summer heat. Made with vanilla ice cream and soda, National Root Beer Float Day delivers ice cold relief from the warm temperatures.

It is believed that pharmacist Frank J. Wisner accidentally created the world's first root beer float when his ice machine broke. In order to cool off customers, he served soda with cold ice cream in the glass, calling them "black cows."

On Twitter, root beer lovers are posting about their plans for National Root Beer Float Day on Monday.

"Alright already, we'll all float on," wrote Eatocracy. "It's National Root Beer Float Day!"

Liz posted, "It's national root beer float day, I think I might explode with happiness."

"Woo hoo Aug. 6 is National Root Beer Float day," wrote Audarshia, while Cheri posted "Childhood fave" along with a photo of the famed treat.

For a perfect root beer float on National Root Beer Float Day, follow these four simple steps.

1. Fill a glass three-fourths full with root beer.
2. Slowly add one scoop on vanilla ice cream into the glass.
3. Drizzle more root beer atop the ice cream, forming a foamy mix. Keep pouring until glass is full.
4. Enjoy with a spoon or a straw, or both.

Other popular ice cream sodas, also known as floats, include those made with soft drinks Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and flavored soda such as orange, grape, and cinnamon, among others.

While there are many varieties of floats, root beer remains as an American staple. Also popular is the Boston cooler, which is composed of ginger ale and vanilla ice cream.

Universal Studios park offers visitors "Butterbeer," named after the Harry Potter series in which a root beer and butter scotch version of the ice cream soda is featured. Another famous float includes the Snow White, which is made with 7-Up or Sprite and vanilla ice cream.