Russian Meteorite Church Blames Meteor for Situation in Syria

A new church in Russia believes that a sunken meteorite contains sacred scriptures and is responsible for the worsening situation in Syria. The Chelyabinsk meteorite has several followers who believe the meteorite contains sacred scriptures that are meant to be handled with care.

"The meteorite that hit Russia's Ural Mountains in mid-February contained 'scriptures' that can usher in a new age on Earth," followers of the new religion told local media. "Mishandling the meteorite could cause harm throughout the world and may already be fueling the bloody civil strife in Syria," Andrei Breivichko told 10BL.RU news.

The meteorite sunk into a nearby lake and members of the Church of the Chelyabinsk Meteorite believe that removing it from the water could cause irreparable harm. "Psychic priests" of the cult are apparently the only ones equipped to handle the meteorite; if the meteorite is to be removed, the priests believe they should be allowed to handle it, and then place it in a temple.

"I think it won't hurt Chelyabinsk to become a truly holy city, home to a great temple that will be the object of pilgrimage for millions of people from across the world," Breivichko said.

"A lot of the information is still on the heavenly bearer itself and that needs visionaries to have closer contact with the tablets," Breivchenko said. "We can already see the noosphere's indignation at constant attempts to salvage the meteorite in the super-charged international tension around Syria."

Scientists explained that there is no special power associated with the meteorite and will retrieve a large part of it on Sept. 25. The meteorite's fall was captured on cameras and quickly went viral in February. Over 1,600 people were injured and a great deal of damage resulted from the fall.

Members of the cult gather in the place where it fell and hold services to worship the meteorite and pray for divers to stop their attempt to retrieve the meteorite from the lake. There are currently 50 members, but the group is reportedly growing and plans to file for legal recognition.

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