Ryan Buell, Pancreatic Cancer Not Stopping 'Paranormal State' Star

Ryan Buell, star of reality series "Paranormal State," has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Buell, 30, has used his own stardom to help others and bring awareness to the disease.

"I know the pain that you will feel. And the pain for treatment. SOLDIER ON! Let's think of one another during those moments, even though we don't know each other," Buell posted on Facebook. He currently has 82,000 "likes" on his fan page, which is guaranteed to help spread the message of hope and encouragement.

Buell has become a face for the disease since telling the world in July and has attended events for pancreatic cancer survivors and fundraisers for research.

"I won't lie, I have been in and out of the hospital all week, and sadly some of the PRS Retreat people didn't get to have as much time with me as I had hoped," he posted to Facebook. "But to all those who went, you made it a magical event for me."

The young star became famous for his battles with the supernatural on A&E's "Paranormal State." He put together a team of undergraduate researchers who would go to people's homes in order to investigate whether or not there was truly a paranormal spirit in the home.

In the opening for the series, Buell talked about his own experience with the supernatural.

"When I was a kid, my experiences with the supernatural terrified me, and I've been searching for answers ever since. When I got to Penn State, I realized I wasn't alone in my quest, so I founded the Paranormal Research Society (PRS), dedicated to helping those who were haunted like I was," Buell said in the opening to "Paranormal State."

On Tuesday, Buell underwent a procedure "after complications with his kidneys started a month ago and temporarily knocked him down. Ryan enjoyed some Wendy's (but keep that a secret) and reported back to work today," his Facebook status read.

"You all also know that Ryan … wants to make sure that others are taken care of first. Ryan has been honored and humbled by the support, but also wants to make sure that we all remember the struggle is not his alone," the PRS team wrote.

Buell is only the latest star to battle the disease. Steve Jobs and Patrick Swayze both struggled and ultimately lost their lives to the condition. Buell and his fans are hopeful for a different outcome.