Samsung Galaxy Nexus Upgrades With Facial Recognition Technology (VIDEO)

With the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which utilizes facial recognition technology, users can gain entry into their device by showing their face. The facial recognition technology is part of Android 4.0 or more deliciously known as Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

 Samsung Galaxy Nexus Upgrades Into the future With Facial Recognition Technology

Gone are the days when it was necessary to store combinations of personal identification numbers that would be instrumental in allowing you to gain entry into your private electronic devices. Now, with face recognition technology your device recognizes you.

Still, the old personal identification code number should not be dismissed as a thing of the past just yet, as, reportedly, the new facial recognition ID can  sometimes fail to recognize its user due to environmental factors such as when operating in dull lighting or perhaps during the intrusion of fog.

Facial recognition technology will actually soon be prevalent throughout society. Facebook has been utilizing photo-tagging, which allow users of the site to automatically name or tag the image of friends, who are indentified through facial recognition technology, in their photo albums, instead of having to name each person manually.

As facial recognition technology becomes more and more widespread, however, privacy rights proponents anticipate the potential for privacy rights violation due to the ability of technology to store distinctive features of people’s faces