Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Vs. Galaxy S3: Which Device is Samsung's Best?

The Galaxy Note 2 vs. Galaxy S3 is a battle reserved for Samsung fans that still have their Galaxy S2 and are waiting for their next upgrade.

This decision is really not based on speed or display quality, as both handsets are extremely fast and have beautiful screens. This battle really comes down to size.

Which device better suits a user's needs?

If it's convenience that you're looking for, than the Galaxy S3 might be the handset for you. The device comes with a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD display that provides beautiful picture for movies and games. It's also a bit easier to carry around; however, it's not something you can fit comfortably in your front jean pocket.

The Galaxy Note 2 features a 5.5-inch display with roughly the same picture quality.

It is not really a convenient device to carry around, however, and it packs a bigger frame than the S3. It can fit comfortably in a jacket pocket, but stuffing it into pants is next to impossible.

However, if you are a commuter and carry a bag with you, the Note 2 is definitely the device for you as it packs a bit more power than the U.S. version of the S3 with its quad-core processor. It has the ability to multi-task and features the cool little accessory known as the S Pen. And its bigger screen is definitely better for watching movies and playing games.

The Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 are not all that different on the surface, but Samsung has provided a device for every kind of person with the two offerings by catering to different customers with different needs.

The casual iPhone fan who wants to ditch Apple for Android should probably pick up the S3, but the diehard Samsung fan who does not mind carrying around something a little bigger is probably better off with the Note 2.