Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Leaks, News & Update: Key Feature Iris Scanner for Added Security but Limitations Disclaimer Make it a Major Setback?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to Have Iris Scanner for Added Security
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A leak regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 reveals that the smartphone may come with an iris scanner as an added security feature.

It has been reported that the incorporated iris scanner may be more than a major setback than added security because Samsung apparently put a limitation disclaimer in using the feature. Fans and critics have questioned whether the iris scanner in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may even be worth it at all.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Leaks - Iris Scanner, S Pen Air Command Features

According to Android Authority, the newest leak for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is that it will come with an iris scanner feature and an S Pen Air Command menu. With the iris scanner feature, the Galaxy Note 7 can be reportedly unlocked with the user's eye, more specifically their irises.

However, Samsung has reportedly enumerated a long list of disclaimer regarding the effectivity of the iris scanner in the Galaxy Note 7. The limitations of using the feature include when the user is wearing glasses, sun glasses and colored contact lenses. The iris scanner in the Galaxy Note 7 will be rendered useless if the user has narrowed or puffy eyes or when it is used in low-light or no-light conditions. It also cannot scan eyes with iris defects or when it has undergone eye surgery and more.

In other screenshots obtained by the outlet, it also shows some features for the S Pen Air Command menu in the Galaxy Note 7. It has the old features including Smart Select, Action Memo, S Note, Screen Write with the addition of Glance and the ability to create GIFs or record screen sections.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner, a Major Setback?

For those who are turned off by the reported limitations of the iris scanner that will apparently come with the Galaxy Note 7, the fingerprint option is still available. Users can have the choice to use fingerprints or irises in the "Lock screen and security" settings page of their Note 7, International Business Times noted.

What do you think of the new iris scanner feature added in the Galaxy Note 7? Will it prove to be more useful when it is improved in the future or will it remain a major setback due to the numerous limitations of using irises to determine identification? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.