Samsung Galaxy S3 Gets Universal Search Function Back

Samsung Galaxy S3 Gets Universal Search Function Back

The universal search function on the international Samsung Galaxy S3 that was recently disabled in an update is now back on the smartphone.

Samsung has issued another software update today for the international Galaxy S3 that brings the feature back, and it can be performed OTA (over-the-air) or through Samsung Kies software on a PC, according to YouMobile.

It was originally believed that Samsung disabled the feature on the device due to some of its legal troubles with Apple, however, the company clarified that this was not the real reason and that its removal was a mistake that would be corrected in the very near future.

"The most recent software upgrade for the Galaxy S3 in the UK included the inadvertent removal of the universal search function," said Samsung earlier this week. "Samsung will provide the correct software upgrade within the next few days."

This same update also disabled the feature on the Sprint version of the Galaxy S3.

This universal search function allows users to browse their phone's contacts and apps for results. The update brings in a new search box that offers web-only results, and alters the default browser layout.

A bigger update is expected to hit Samsung's hottest smartphone in the near future.

The official Android 4.1, JellyBean update for the Samsung Galaxy S2, and S3 has entered into the testing phase, according to reports.

SamMobile reported that Samsung is almost ready to update the Galaxy S3 to Android 4.1, but has not yet announced the roll out date.

The site also stated that the company has started testing the software on the Galaxy S2 with great success. It is not clear whether or not Samsung will bring JellyBean to the S2, but if this information is correct, than the chances of it coming to the device are good.


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