Samsung Galaxy S3 Owners Receive 3 Free Games

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 can now download three games free of charge.

These three titles include Modern Combat 3, Shadowgun: The Leftover, and the new racing game Asphalt 7.

All three of these games are some of the best Google Play has to offer and now they can be enjoyed in HD quality for free on this year's most popular Android smartphone.

In addition to the free games, Galaxy S3 owners can also change their systems to run different software. Another ROM that allows Samsung Galaxy S3 owners to run Android 4.1, JellyBean on their device has been released this week.

It seems to be quite stable as users have not reported any serious bugs or issues with the software.

This ROM, like others, will void the customer's warranty on the device if it is installed, however. It is called XXDLI5 and it is supposed to be the most stable one yet for the Galaxy S3. It is made for the Samsung I9300 model and it is more than sufficient for being a daily driver.

The official Android 4.1, JellyBean update should be rolling out for the smartphone sometime this month.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 recently reached 20 million units sold, according to an announcement made by Samsung.

This is quite an impressive number showing that almost 200,000 Galaxy S3s are sold each day and that the new model is selling three times faster than the Galaxy S2. Its predecessor took around 10 months to reach that 20 million mark.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 launched back in July and Samsung's mobile division head, J.K. Shin, said he expected to sell 10 million units in the first month alone.

The smartphone has been quite successful for the company who hopes to have the number one handset in the world. Still, that task will become harder later on today once the new iPhone 5 is announced by Apple.