Samsung Galaxy S4 Now Available in Gold and Platinum

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available in Gold and Platinum.

Goldgenie, a company that specializes in smartphone customization and experimenting is now offering Samsung Galaxy S4 models draped in various metals. Users will be able to purchase the handset with a Gold, Platinum or Rose Gold frame. These models will be free of SIM cards so they can be used on any carrier.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the finest smartphones on the market, so covering it with a precious metal seems like a great idea if a user would like to sport the handset as jewelry. However, it is probably safe to assume that it will be quite expensive.

The first photos of the rough and rugged Samsung Galaxy S4 Active have surfaced on the internet this week which means the release date for the device could be here soon.

The new device will sport a body that is both water- and dust-proof. It should be released sometime in the near future as it just hit the Bluetooth Special Interest Group for certification.

Reports of this water-resistant model of the Samsung flagship began surfacing last month. Now it appears that Samsung has some kind of an idea of when it will it launch, according to The Wall Street Journal, with the publication announcing the projected release date for July. This new sighting in the Bluetooth SIG confirms the previous rumor.

The report also states that Samsung will be launching the Galaxy S4 Mini around the same time. The company appears to be targeting those in the market with specific needs with the launch of some of these Galaxy S4 variants. Samsung is also expected to release the Galaxy S4 Zoom for camera lovers.